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Sua Maestą  La Pizza

When a ball of dough becomes a worldwide favorite.

Once upon a time there was a ball made of flour, water, salt and yeast. That ball was alive. “If you think about the pizza dough as a living organism” – says Chef Carmelo – “you’re on your way to making a good pizza.

”The Neapolitan pizza is made to be a living organism till it gets into the oven, and it gets topped with your favorite ingredients. The simpler, the better. Our trick, the secret recipe from the Maestri Pizzaioli (the pizza makers), is theslow process of “lievitazione” (fermentation), that is more a matter of days than hours. “It has to be loved, and the bubbles have to be pampered, not bothered”.

The Mediterranean people, especially the Romans, the Greeks, even the Egyptians cooked flat breads with oil and other simple toppings (we still have the pita bread from them!) and the origin of the pizza lays back there. The puffy crust topped with mozzarella and tomatoes, though, is something that goes back more than 120 years ago, to Regina Margherita’s 1889 visit to Naples.
Regina Margherita
The pizza maker Don Raffaele Esposito and his wife came up with three versions, and the Queen so loved the one with tomatoes, bufala and basil that Esposito named that pizza after the Queen herself. The three toppings represent the colors of the Italian flag and they are also three of the best ingredients from Campania region.

From there, pizza became the casual dining choice made with high quality ingredients all over the world, and underwent many variations, like pizza with all the kinds of toppings on top, especially in the United States.

Pizza MargheritaItalians, however, like it simple. One of the secrets of an excellent pizza, besides the slow fermentation, is actually keeping the toppings simple and harmonious, like in a symphony.  La Pizza Margherita is simple, fragrant and sublime, with a tender center where the juices from the mozzarella and tomato meet.

Come try our delicious version of pizza, Pizza Siciliana, topped with tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil and olive oil. If you’re gluten intolerant, ask for our Gluten-Free Menu, and pick our gluten-free pizza crust made from rice flour.

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