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Passion, the fervor of romance, Shakespearean tragedy and Valentine's Day, La Festa Degli Innamorati

Originating in the Roman Empire as a holiday on February 14, the predecessor of our Valentine’s Day celebrated Juno, the Queen of Roman gods and goddesses, who the ancient Romans considered to be the goddess Queen of Women and Marriage.

Another legend relating to the origin of Valentine’s Day refers to St. Valentine, a priest who defied the Roman emperors’ order banning marriage between lovers during wartime.  Valentine who secretly married them, was put to death on February 14 upon discovery, and later was named a saint by Pope Gelasius.

Valentine's Weekend 2015

Valentine Celebrations in Italy are between lovers only – children don’t give cards as is customary here.  Celebrating this lovers’ holiday Italians give each other flowers, plan romantic dinners and present each other with chocolates, much as we do here.  A traditional Valentine’s fare is a sweet red cherry and liquid center covered with chocolate; friends, families and lovers dining with us over Valentine’s weekend will each receive one of these delicious treats.

Zealous about our culture, our food, our wine and our families; we are Italians, in love with life!  Happy Valentine’s Day! 





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