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Our Newest Wines: Cormons Winery

Carmelo and Hilary were in Rome for a couple of days last September and one evening they went to Il Pagliccio, Ristorante in Roma.

Looking through their fabulous wine list, Carmelo came across Il Vino della Pace – translated “the wine of peace”. As educated as he is on wine, he had never heard of it, nor the winery. Inquisitively he called the Maitre d’ over who was incredibly enthusiastic about the wine – which is made with a total of 830 grape varietals!!

They ordered an 8 course tasting menu and a bottle of the wine which the maitre d’ assured them would pair very well with all the courses. It did. Incredibly well. Carmelo asked if he could give them the label, and he did much more, presenting them with a booklet nearly half an inch thick on the wine!

Every year, three artists are commissioned to design the labels of Vino della Pace – they make three labels each year for the same wine. Every year a box of these three bottles is sent to every head of state, including the Pope! (Carmelo and Hilary think this is one of the most amazing stories in regard to attempting to promote world peace).

They couldn’t wait to get home to find the wine and add it to their wine list.

Cormons Winery is in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy.

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