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Mother's Day in Italy

Mother's DayItalian mothers are esteemed and the focus of family traditions. They are celebrated all year, and officially Mother’s Day is celebrated on the same day as the United States.

It is one of the most important holidays in the Italian year, a day when families come together from wherever they are to feast, enjoy a cake made in the shape of a heart and look after their mothers. It’s a tradition – everyone in the family, no matter where they live or what else they’re doing, is expected to be there.

Although an American invention, Mother’s Day in Italy can be traced back to ancient Roman culture when an entire weekend of celebrations were held in May commemorating the goddess Juno.

The name Juno means ‘vital force’ (a great description of Italian mothers everywhere!). She was the Roman goddess of marriage and motherhood.

Traditionally in ancient Rome, weddings were held in June (Juno’s month) – to ensure a good marriage and fertility, and the tradition holds good even today.

With the passing of time and the coming of Christianity, this tradition evolved into a religious festival when the ‘mother’ referred to ‘mother church’. It became important for families in Italy to return to their home villages and visit their ‘mother’ church – the church in which they were baptized.

For many Italian mothers, going to church on Mother’s Day morning is still an important part of the tradition. The worship of the Madonna, mother of God and seen as the perfect example of motherhood, is very strong even today.

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