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  • Roger and Susan Glaze
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  • "We have been customers for 25 years! Service has always been most excellent. The food is most excellent, as it always is. Quiet, no rush. Wait staff are ready when you want them and away from you otherwise. Nice and peaceful fine dinning. We always enjoy Carmelo's! "
    Phillip M. Chudoba
  • "We've been dining at Carmelo's for years. Now that we live out of country, we make an annual pilgrimage back with family. The quality of food, level of service and wine selection are top notch. Carmelo's ever welcoming smile when we arrive is priceless. See you next year!"
    Roger and Susan Glaze
  • "Ciao Carmelo!!! Sono la nipote di Daniel. L´anno socorso ho manggiato benissimooo!! E la festa de mio cugino era eccellente. Gli ricordo con grande affetto. Un baccio per Lei e Hillary."
    Nipote Lorena
  • "Dining out should always be an enjoyable experience. When you leave, you should feel good and be happy. I have known and enjoyed Carmelo's for well over 15 years, and every visit has been remarkable. From the great food, amazing wines and friendly, kind and attentive waitstaff (and knowing that most of the staff has been there for close to thirty years) Carmelo's delivers on every level, and creates that special dining experience that we all desire. I love the place and the people, and Carmelo himself is a treasure, a man who has never said no to a charity. Do yourself a favor. Go there soon!"
    Jim Veal
  • "I wanted to tell you what a great job you and your staff did for the BNI Party. I really want to say Thank You for the extra desserts you provided my table, they were 'Over the Top'."

    Don F.
  • "Carmelo, I can't thank you enough for driving all the way in and back to make sure everything was perfect. The room was a perfect setting for a gorgeous family Italian lunch and each course was so yummy. The beef stroganoff was the best I've ever had! You are such a gracious host!"

    Demetra P
  • "Just after our appetizers we were saying it was worth the 20 miles driving from our hotel to the restaurant! We had great, great food, with some special suggestions from Carmelo who told me he has a nephew in Pisa with my name, and finally we enjoyed the Tiramisu made from the recipe of Aunt Sara - we all commented it really was a very nice experience at Carmelo's. "

  • "I have been from coast to coast, eaten and worked in many speciality restaurants that are similar to the spirit of Carmelo's. But in my 15 years in Houston, TX, only Carmelo's deserves such a word: Authentic! Thank you for a wonderful evening."

    Diana Warner
  • "Thank you Carmelo's for making Alecias' 16th birthday a beautiful and memorable event!"

    Cindy J.

We want to know about your experience at Carmelo's: Write your Review!